Cliff's Notes

In his new book, Master of None, Cliff turns expertise on its head with stories and lessons that illustrate a path to greater success and fulfillment need not follow conventional wisdom. By becoming more versatile versus overinvesting in expertise, anyone can succeed and become more open to opportunities in life. To do so, he provides three basic rules:

  • 1. Don’t plan, EXPLORE
  • 2. Don’t specialize, GENERALIZE
  • 3. Don’t keep your head down, TURN IT UP TOWARD OPPORTUNITY

Focusing too narrowly comes with its own risks—perhaps even more in today’s technology-driven environment. As the world constantly changes the nature of work and the skills required to do it, the following are emerging concepts for businesses and professionals to consider on their path to success.

Variety is life’s multiplier of opportunity. When variety is embraced, you learn more frequently and expand your horizons.

three people pushing a lightbulb up a mountain illustration

Seize opportunities created by others – seeing the whole picture all the time – for both what it is and what it could be. It’s noticing something no one conceived of before.

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A strong sense of curiosity can go a long way – it inspires productive change and meaningful opportunities for those you lead.

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If you’re not continuously in search of innovation, it may surface for a moment, but it will appear in your competitor’s business!

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Learn how to sing together by working on the same tune. From negotiations to working with business partners, harmony requires contrast and multiple voices to unlock success.

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Relinquishing control creates great leaders – control involves dominance, measuring performance and taking corrective action. Leadership is all about influence.

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